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Phoenix Electronics Recycling is moving to a larger warehouse! So, we are CLOSED for the month of January, to re-open on February 1st!

In the meantime, you can still schedule pickups for electronics recycling or place orders for computers and hardware by calling (602) 330-2764.

Thank you for your business!

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Tempe Electronics Recycling

Computer and Electronics Recycling Center - Phoenix, Arizona

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Tempe Computer Recycling

Help Tempe be a leader in addressing e-waste, a growing problem with significant environmental impact.

We recycle anything with a power cord or a battery free of charge, except for TVs and CRT monitors which require a small recycling fee.

Here is a specific list of items to bring to us. Have large amounts? Call us and we'll come pick it up: (602) 276-9414

* LCD Monitors
* LCD/Plasma TVs
* LCD Screens
* Laptops
* Printers
* Copiers
* Faxes
* MP3 Players
* Circuit boards
   * Calculators
* Desktop Computers
* Stereo Systems
* Motherboards
* DVD/CD Players
* Cell Phones
* Speakers
* Clocks/Watches

We DO NOT recycle CRT monitors or CRT TVs.

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We Must Recycle

Recycling is a good idea, but recycling electronics is a necessity because they contain toxic metals which seep into the soil and enter the groundwater, potentially passing through the entire food chain on Earth. To maintain a healthy ecosystem, we must prevent computers and electronics from reaching the landfill.
Recycle Computers

Bring obsolete computers and electronics to the Phoenix Electronics Recycling Center.

Clean Environment

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We recycle plasma televisions, motherboards, computer components, flat panel monitors, speakers, old computer towers, stereos, circuit boards, or anything else electronic.

Questions? Call us at (602) 276-9414, 10am-4pm M-F.
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